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My Mission

My Mission

My greatest mission in life is to help others achieve their dreams. I have always strived to develop strong relationships, both personally and professionally. My passion is to really get to know people from the inside out. I am blessed with the ability to dream with them and to help them envision new horizons, new hopes, greater achievements.

How We Can Help You

My Mission

How can Elliott Connection, LLC help you? Elliott Connection, LLC is dedicated to providing companies and individuals with a unique service that will grow their businesses through the power of connecting. Skillfully facilitating the matchmaking process to generate profitable partnerships around San Antonio is the Elliott Connection mantra.

About Us

After a successful career, primarily in marketing positions, Linda Elliott founded Elliott Connection, LLC in 1999, a company specializing in developing profitable connections. She becomes a high-level, strategic partner identifying qualified prospects for her clients and facilitates the meeting process.