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5 01, 2015

The Power of Goal Setting


After actually doing what I challenged others to do last month in my Power of Giving blog, it now becomes a standing goal for every year hereafter, starting in 2015.

I decided to give tribute gifts to one of my favorite organizations – San Antonio Food Bank. I made a list of clients and friends with an amount that I wanted to give as a tribute to each one of them. Working with the Food Bank, I was able to calculate how many meals every contribution would purchase and I advised my gift receivers of those numbers.

The response from the recipients was amazingly positive. They really appreciated the tribute gifts in lieu of material gifts. And, the contribution made provided about 2,500 meals to people in our community suffering from hunger. I call that a win – win – win!

As we mature, I believe goals tend to change focus. Back in the days when I was young and aggressive, virtually all my goals were pertaining to business and financial growth. Now they seem to be more holistic in nature. Sure, I have business goals, but more importantly, I am primarily focused on personal […]

1 12, 2014

The Power of Giving

The Power of Giving BackGiving leads to a more abundant life.  It’s a fact!  Have you ever known anybody who has given unconditionally and gone broke doing so?  I haven’t!  Having a generous heart is not a curse, but rather a blessing.

Mahatma Gandhi is a fine example of his own words:  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Dan Kennedy said, “The window you receive through is made bigger by the window you give through.”  In other words, if you want to receive more, then give more.  It’s really quite simple!

Many years ago, I recall a well-known man telling his story.  Let’s call him Jack for purposes herein.  He was a man who lived on the edge in a less than respectable fashion.  Jack had quite an ignoble reputation!  A golfing buddy of his coerced him, with an enticing bet, to attend church one Sunday morning.  That one experience miraculously changed his life.  Jack was impacted so powerfully that he committed himself to the Lord and he promised to tithe 10% of his earnings to the church.  Business hadn’t been going too well for […]

3 11, 2014

The Power of Connecting vs. Networking

This is my favorite power, because it is what I’m all about. In case you did not see my Linda’s Connection Corner, I quoted a suggestion from a young lady, and I am going to reply to her and the many others who are struggling on how to make networking work for them. First of all, in part here is her email message:

“… it would be very interesting to hear the advice you have for younger(ish!) professionals who are trying to find their way into the seemingly established relationships of the networking world. Like what experiences you had and who or what helped you became the relationship queen that you are. While I diligently try my best, at times it can feel like a really slow paced uphill jog, against the wind!”

It’s certainly no secret that I am not fond of the traditional understanding of networking. Many people think networking is a necessary business activity in which one must attend events to collect business cards, with the goal of meeting a certain number of people, in a short period of time. It can be conceived as a selfish or disingenuous […]

30 09, 2014

The Power of First Impressions

FirstImpressionsOctober is the month to focus on the power of first impressions. Last year, I stated that it takes three seconds to form a first impression. Now I read that a 2006 Princeton University study found that it takes a mere one-tenth of a second for us to make judgments about a person based on their facial appearance. That is hardly enough time to plaster a smile on your face! Pretty scary fact, isn’t it?

Though it is difficult to detect many aspects of a person’s personality, researchers found that attractiveness and trustworthiness are the qualities we judge most quickly. I’m certainly not surprised by physical appearance being considered, but trustworthiness as an easy detection is most interesting. With that said, it is clear that we must always be aware that people around us are forming opinions about us, whether or not they know us.

Now I digress into a new and somewhat misunderstood territory of creating first impressions through the power of digital presence. Unless you live in a remote area in some corner of the world with no means of communication, you are out there somewhere on the web. The reality […]

24 09, 2014

Mark Wittig on the Power of the Relationship

mark wittig picMark Wittig, President of Wittigs Office Interiors, has a servant’s heart. He lives to help others and has developed strong relationships from all walks of life. Through his relationships, he helps to make this world a better place to live.



Click on the link below to hear Linda’s interview with Mark Wittig on the Power of Relationship:

1 09, 2014

The Power of Relationships

ConnectI start off with a cliché I use often: “It’s not what you know, but rather who you know.” Solid relationships are the secret to our success personally and professionally.

My relationships have always been so very precious, but I am now realizing how truly important they are as I grow more mature. I now enjoy more success than ever before, not because I’m smarter or wiser. It’s because I have an incredible support system, my wonderful friends and associates, who support me in my efforts. They provide credibility for me that I could never buy or negotiate. And it’s sincere – it’s real. There are no hidden mirrors!

Allow me to offer a personal example of how strong relationships can work in your favor. A friend who owns her own firm developed trust in me as a person and a professional. She came to me and offered me a huge opportunity. “Linda, I’m ready. Break me and remake me!” Our relationship has grown stronger in every respect.

Following are five ways to tap into the power of relationships for super success:

  1. Focus on Quantity. The more people you know, the more personal and professional […]
21 08, 2014

Praise for Bob Rivard’s Work Online

BobRivardIt’s come to the point that we must pick and choose which social media contributors we want to follow.  Let me pay accolades to one I’ve known for many years.  Bob Rivard was a print guy, having worked as a newspaper editor and news journalist for most of his life.  When he left the print world, he saw the writing on the wall, or in cyber space, and created The Rivard Report, an online hyper-local magazine serving San Antonio’s urban core.

What began as a blog in February, 2012, has morphed into an incredible online magazine that is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  It’s clean and so easy to navigate through.

 If you haven’t had the good fortune of meeting Bob Rivard and his creation, I’m proud to introduce you! To learn more about the Rivard Report, you can follow them on Twitter @rivardreport,  or visit http://www.therivardreport.com. I’m sure you will be as impressed with their work as I am, and if so, I encourage you to like them on Facebook and sign up for the Rivard Report’s Weekly Story Digest (they promise- no spam!) by entering your email address on the […]

1 08, 2014

The Power of Media

SocialMediaI started my social media quest one year ago because I knew it was where the world was headed. I continue to be fascinated and confounded by its shear force. Anonymity no longer exists. We are out there for the world to see. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Social media plays a major role in us being so accessible and exposed. We are often judged based on what people read about us online, so best to be cautious and discreet when sharing on social media.

As I expand my reach into the print world with my SA Woman column, it only intensifies my position in the social media genre because they all morph together, only to be melded into a unified message via technology. This IS the wave of the future.

Many have asked how my social media campaign has fared. Generally speaking, it has gone quite well and statistically, much higher than the average. I bare my soul and share with you some of my statistics which come from Constant Contact analytics. Since I consider my followers my friends and confidantes, I share my actual numbers with you.

Date Mailings Opens Bounces Unsubscribes
30 06, 2014

The Power of Follow-Up

The Power of Follow-Up“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on when others have let go.”     ~~ William Feather

I launched my monthly blog crusade in August 2013. This month’s focus, The Power of Follow-Up, is an apt topic to cap off my year’s trek, before starting all over again in August 2014. So many of the previous topics prepare you for following up in the most effective and winning way.

There are tools ad infinitum available for setting up a follow-up system, from paper to hi-tech, but the bottom line is there is no better tool than YOU. It’s all about building relationships of understanding and trust. That makes the process of following up easy and comfortable. As I have iterated numerous times before, everybody likes to do business with people they like.

We so often give up because we see no value in keeping in touch with someone who is not ready to do business with us today. Who can foresee what tomorrow may bring?

Thomas Edison said it well: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Advice […]

24 06, 2014

Carrot – Egg – Coffee Bean…Which One are You?  


A dear friend just sent me something I had sent out in 2002 that she ran across. Knowing what my life was like back then, I can understand how the story was important to me. Fortunately, I can say I’m in a very different place now. But I share the story, hoping it will cause you to think about your life. Enjoy.

Carrot – Egg – Coffee Bean…Which One are You?

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed that as one problem was solved a new one arose.

Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots of water. In the first, she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil without saying a word. In about 20 minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs […]