I recently read a weekly column by Jeffery Gitomer, NetworkingvsConnectingREVa renowned author about the art of being successful in sales. It is titled “The Secret and the Power of Connecting.” I doubt anyone can dispute these factual statements he makes:

Everyone wants to know how to connect.

Everyone wants to know how to make appointments.

Everyone wants to know how to meet the right people.

Everyone wants to connect more to sell more.

Everyone wants to connect more to succeed more.

The secret is to become known FIRST – making it easier to make connections. Make people want to meet you. It’s all about becoming known as a person of value, both in your community and in your industry.

He and I think the same when it comes to comparing networking to connecting. When you go to networking events, you must go with your objective being to meet the people you would like to meet. You want to make friends and help them get business. He calls it “netweaving” which is basically finding business for others rather than trolling for leads for yourself. I like that!!

Since my entire life is about connecting people, I find myself in a quandary as to what good examples I should share that will be impactful and meaningful. I also want my examples to be relatable for you to use in your life and business.

  • Cindy Hill is a client. She is a commercial real estate attorney who recently opened her own boutique law firm. Cindy has spent her career working as an in-house counsel which means she had only one client. Therefore, she really didn’t know a lot of people; thus, her reason for retaining my services. We’ve been meeting with commercial brokers, developers, bankers, CPAs, escrow officers – people who can use her services or refer business to her. I have been amazed at how powerful the connections have been. Every single person we’ve met with has been warm and very helpful in giving advice and offering to open doors. Randy Vogel of BKD even invited her to be a guest at their table for a special event. A few of the others have been using her services and have referred clients to her. I’m confident Cindy will be a super success – due to the power of connecting!

Do not overlook the power of LinkedIn. I will relate two stories.

  • I was recently contacted by a lady through LinkedIn whom I lost touch with in 2003. Her name is Leonarda “Leo” Tracy. She worked at Sony Semiconductor and went to work for USAA after Sony closed. We met for lunch, and it was magical. Revisiting the past and what we’ve done since was helpful for us as we renewed our relationship. I jumped at the opportunity to introduce Leo to the right people in the North Chamber when she expressed an interest. We also discovered so many areas of our lives that are intertwined, and this will positively impact our connection moving forward.
  • Jerry Wilmink owns WiseWear, a startup technology company. Because of my online presence in healthcare via www.healthcarethinktank.org, he found me and asked me to connect with him in LinkedIn. Before I accept invitations, I always do my research. Upon researching Jerry and WiseWear, I was intrigued enough that I accepted the invitation and asked if we could chat. His Executive Assistant, Holly Coulter, arranged a conference call. Small world that it is, I knew Holly from years past. My phone meeting with Jerry was so great that I invited him to be a speaker at a Healthcare Think Tank meeting. He was a phenomenal success. And I am now a customer of his.

Take some of these scenarios and make them your own! AND, most importantly, have fun doing it!! I promise – you will realize much greater success.