Do you know anybody who is the epitome of perfection?  I The Power of Goal Settingdon’t! We all have flaws and weaknesses. I’m not talking about appearances or innate abilities that make us essentially who we are as others define us. I’m referring to debilitating habits and addictions that can self-destroy. These habits and addictions may not be apparent to others, but they will ultimately change the way the world sees you if they are not addressed.

I did a little research to learn more about the difference between a bad habit and an addiction.  Basically, an addiction is a behavior that gets reinforced and ultimately leads to adverse consequences. Most of us have, what might be considered, bad habits. If we let them control us rather than us controlling them, they can affect our health. Does that mean we have a behavioral addiction? I suspect so!

Some of the common bad habits that can turn into addictions are:

  • Alcohol/drug consumption
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor diet and physical inactivity
  • Sex
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Shopping

I ran across a list of the top 50 addictive habits according to the Brits which I found both interesting and quite amusing:

It’s a new year and a time to look within yourself to identify weaknesses or imperfections that prevent you from achieving your maximum potential. Trust me, you’ve got a few! We all do!! Now is the ideal time to set a goal or goals to tackle those areas where improvement is needed. It is essential that you be honest with yourself. Own your bad habit(s) and set up a plan to overcome it/them. Surely, the list of 50 will give you some hints to help you identify areas you can work on!

facelessEvery month for the next five months I will report on Jane’s progress in reaching her goals. In my May blog, The Power of Saying “NO”, we will find out if Jane was able to say “no” to her addictive habits. She has agreed to this challenge and wants to be held accountable.

A little bit about Jane Doe. She is well-known and respected in our community. She owns her own very successful company with several people depending on her to keep the business going. Jane comes from a large loving family and has many friends. On the surface, Jane seems to live the idyllic life. She is beautiful, intelligent, and always full of exuberance. However, underneath that surface, she has an illness. Jane is an alcoholic. Over the past six months she has been to a treatment facility twice. Within two weeks of her first rehab stint, she was influenced to start drinking again, so back to rehab she went. Jane now accepts the fact that if she does not overcome her addiction, she will lose everything she has strived so hard to accomplish.

I’m going to pray for Jane, and in May, will look forward to celebrating her success in conquering her addiction. She wants to help all of the many people – especially women – who suffer with the same illness by sharing her story.